Our Product is the Most reputed private online auction portal operating in the specialized space of buying and selling surplus inventory. We will provide a comprehensive online marketplace for companies to buy and sell residual and superfluous inventory - from raw material, machinery and industrial by-products to non-performing and stressed assets. Our service offerings include tender management, Purchase and Sale of Industrial Scrap as well as purchase and sale of repossessed vehicles and machineries.

Our market leadership is based on the backbone of our company's technology. The auction software will be proprietary technology, indigenously developed by our in-house team of experienced IT experts. The software has been designed to be both, intuitive and flexible, allowing it to adapt to market growth, diversity and customer needs. Designed keeping in mind the best practices for online procurement and disposal, it is a robust platform with a properly designed auction process framework, ideal for competitive bidding.

Along with a marked focus on transparency at every stage of the online auction process, with its various auction platforms, offers sellers a strategic tool to maximize revenue, and through a competitive bidding process ensures maximum value for all parties. Our Software offers a superior pool of buyers and Sellers. The strict KYC (Know Your Customer) norms ensure that all participating parties are screened and vetted through a proper identification process, making certain that only, reputed sellers and genuine buyers participate.

We leverage our strength in the precise understanding of business processes of our clients, using the right technology tools to increase internal efficiencies thereby increasing bottom lines. Our in-depth know-how and strong e-auction process framework for forward and reverse auctions empowers us to work closely with several large and medium organizations to manage their inventory and partner relationship opportunities. We utilize our patented technologies to successfully raise efficiency levels, both operational and relationship.

Our service offerings include comprehensive, client-specific solutions for surplus inventory, used plant and machinery and trade/consumer promotion schemes. Our focus on seamless business process execution enables us to provide true partner-type solutions that lead to significantly reduced long term costs and initial implementation expenses - unlike straight-jacketed software products or services vendors whose focus is primarily on the technology and their products.